Stop Talking To AI. Learn Talking To Humans Instead

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Wed May 3, 2023 · 665 words · 4 min
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Ever since ChatGPT has taken over the news, social media cartoons have been blessed with a source of constant content. Guides about studying with ChatGPT, making it do your work, asking for help the right way etc etc are doing the rounds. Content creators have discovered a totally new goldmine to exploit.

Crappy course constructors weren't much behind; because a flood of prompt engineering courses are a real thing now. Teaching how to ask an AI to get your work done. Thats so much deja vu for me. I used to learn how to be tactically polite to get other people to help me. Being professional and polite can lead you so ahead in life. However being able to talk to an AI to get your work done doesn't elevate you in the social ladder.

So, amidst the ChatGPT prompt crafting courses, I propose an old school course.


How To Talk To Humans [Latest 2023 Updated]

This course takes us back to our roots and teaches us how to talk to other fellow humans!

Having the right vocabulary, tone, pace and confidence can push you ahead of the crowd. This course is guaranteed to elevate you in your career and relationships.

With decline in social and communication skills among humans ever since online spaces became common, being able to talk professionally is hailed as a rare quality. Get this course right now to make yourself a sought after personality!

Why you should take this course

This course has been crafted based on thousands of years of evidence. (Humans have been talking to each other all along)

You should take this course if you want to

Being able to speak with confidence and being articulate will undoubtedly make you a powerful force irrespective of your profession.

Why you should NOT take this course

For the sake of honest marketing, I must also draw a line for those for whom this course is not suitable. Don't take up this course if

Course fee

For the greater good and in interest of social service, I have made this course FREE OF COST!

That means no matter where you are, who you are or what you earn, you can get this course without paying a single penny. Everyone can now learn all the secret skills.

Course structure and enrollment


Practice speaking. Read more, write even more. Lead discussions and constantly improve your speech.

On A Serious Note...

...prompt engineering (or anything related to talking to computers) isn't leading you anywhere. Its one of the many fodder materials for creators and hypestars to publish garbage online. A miniscule subset is making their $$$ with these AI tools, influencing masses to pump their time and energy into delicate bubbles of technology.

In general, please please please be immune to hype trains. The hype stars glorifying generative AI today will move on to something else when the craze dies out. Instead, focus more on evergreen skills and invest in yourself.

Yes I know prompt engineering is a real discipline. But nothing justifies the hype.

For anyone genuinely intereseted in knowledge (and not hype), I can suggest the Prompt Engineering Guide.

May 5, 2022 : How to Speak by Patrick Winston is a great video. Highly recommended.

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