Status update: Completing a milestone - post #3

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Sat Feb 26, 2022 · 751 words · 4 min


This is my third post for SoK 2022. Let's go through what I've done since my last post, and what I plan to do next.


I had already submitted a good number of packages to Flathub early on, because I had time, and didn't want my schedule to become too packed all of a sudden later on.

One month into Season of KDE, and almost every high priority and medium priority packages have been submitted. Most have been accepted to Flathub, while some are awaiting review. I'll list down the submissions accepted after my last post.

New packages on Flathub

  1. Ikona
  2. KUIViewer
  3. KRDC

Updates to existing packages

  1. Update Akregator to 21.12.2 :
  2. Minor updates to KRename :

Upstream appdata patches

  1. Skanlite :
  2. Heaptrack :
  3. KWave :
  4. Ikona :

Pending submissions

There are 5 packages currently under review.

Rest of the packages

I plan to work on KAlarm and K3b source code during the second week of March if we decide to make them a priority.

With majority of the packaging work done, I should thank all the reviewers who vetted my submissions to Flathub, especially Hubert Figuière who has been helpful and patient even when I seem to do stupid mistakes :)

Plans for the next milestone

As I mentioned at the beginning, packaging work is almost sorted out, barring a couple of apps here and there. This leaves me with about a month and a half to work on other things I planned to.

I am playing around with Flatpak External Data Checker, which can bring about some automation in the update process.

I'm still in the "exploration phase" for this tool. While there are multiple ways I could use it for KDE Flatpak manifests, I want to take up the one that best suits the release process KDE has.

Taking my leave for this post. I hope to publish more updates and improvements in my next one!

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