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Thu Jan 19, 2023 · 327 words · 2 min

(refer: memories)

flyingcakes happened out of a 37 second random name brainstorming. The phrase is spray painted over a lot of public structures in my city.

During lockdown, I first tried EndeavourOS. I had to make a post on their forum, and while choosing a username, I wanted to be "anonymous" and not choose one of the usernames already associated with my identity on the internet. I had probably gone to the nearby market to buy veggies. On the way there was a government school, with "flyingcakes" spray painted on its boundary wall. The name somehow stuck in my mind, and ended up becoming my username on EndeavourOS forum. Months later, I forgot all my other usernames, and flyingcakes had become the name via which I did most of my work in the tech world.

Invitably, my real identity got connected with this username.

I don't call myself successful. I do claim that I am satisfied with what I achieved and gave back. I stand as a proof that there's a way outside of the mainstream jungle and one can make an impact while walking down this way. I don't have to say try it and see; I am a living example.

All things need a breather. Serial investors know that its bad to be greedy and ride waves of profit beyond their pre-decided benchmark. I see the same philosophy in life.

Looking back, I never worked for the "success" part of a journey. At times I decided not to do so; at times I was forced by external factors to forget the "success" part. I developed the habit of working for the thrill of it, setting benchmarks (however tiny), and exiting when my work was done.

I am not suddenly dropping all work. But for sure, the sweet cakes will slowly be losing away in oblivion.

Time to be a commoner again.



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