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Wed Jan 18, 2023 · 321 words · 2 min

The young and fresh feeling of early teens, roaming the halls like the world was ours. We were grossly wrong, but it was fun. First time we caught a glimpse of the eyes that soothed our mind or the innumerous instances where we were the reason for someone's smile. All tucked away in a corner of our mind.

Back then, none of us knew how much of it is gonna stay along. Everyday was a step in the future, leaving behind whatever happened earlier. Somewhere along, we broke our promises and secretly picked up bits and pieces. Never knowing where we hid all the dust and gold. Jacket's inside pocket or the jeans back pocket. It all flowed with our bodies and before we knew, became an inseparable part of us.

Smiles aren't the same anymore. Glances turn into wilful gazes. No longer a flower blooms without purpose. Every step is an endeavour to write another page in this everflowing diary. Craving for the extra minute and an extra look into my eyes. Sparing a moment in time and giving it a name. This moment belongs to you. This moment belongs to us.

The less I smile, the better I smile when I do. Just when it all feels right, the stage is scattered; curtains draw on. Crowd disperses. Its time for the next act. The symphony changes. Actors switch. Can't have it all. Can't have everyone. Can't have everyone's smiles forever. Can't have everyone's gaze forever. Except memories.

The world wasn't mine. I can carry along only a piece of this beauty. One seed. One flower. One season. All else burns down to bits and pieces I scramble for.

Jacket's inside pocket or the jeans back pocket. More gold accumulates, hidden with the dust. A new walk. New smiles. And a longing to explain the older smiles that how much they matter even if they don't see my eyes anymore.

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