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I have worked for Tower Research Capital as an Infrastructure Automation Intern. Previously, I have worked extensively with KDE on their application and CI pipelines.

I am also a maintainer and tester on EndeavourOS and have otherwise been a Linux user since 2016.

I have worked with internals of Arch Linux, including bootstrapping, kernel image generations and low level package management.

This page helps better understand my experience and what I have to offer.

My resume is available at: x.snehit.dev/resume

Primary Interests

Systems and Low Level Optimization

Here are are some things I like:

Languages I work with


I worked as an Infrastructure Automation Intern at Tower Research Capital during the summer of 2023. I have 2 years of prior experience in DevOps with tools such as

I have previously worked for KDE to package 20+ applications and improving CI pipelines for 30+ applications.

I like to automate work while maintaining performance!

What I offer

I like challenging work that requires a deep dive into internals of tools and languages. I offer a prompt and satisfying response on my role and a curiosity to learn.

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