Paper Planes

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Tue Oct 17, 2023 · 233 words · 2 min
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The setting sun paints a bright crimson behind the three-storey buildings. They vividly contrast each other, for the buildings were painted in white once and now have a calm off-white colour. Trees add to the dramatic effect. They look dark. Incomprehensible structures standing in front of the vivid sky.

There's beauty in the world begging to be noticed. Demanding attention.

Beneath this everlasting natural beauty, I chart my way on this dark man-made asphalt. Which road leads to you? Even with the greens and reds, my eyes are fixated on the roads I tread, for these are my way to the crimson I really want to taste.

Power cables hanging between poles and the interlocked tiles on the walkway not so quite in unison. Roads breaking apart at edges and carrying minor potholes.

In between these two worlds, I fly my paper planes. Dreams, longing, love. My paper planes wind around the place, taking unexpected twists and turns, but land at the finish line I'm chasing. Where the two worlds meet into one, I'll be walking on this asphalt under crimson sky, with you.

When the sun has set and the crimson faded, I'm reminded that my evenings will be shadowed by the taste I want from life. A very patient wait.

I fly yet another paper plane. Wish this too lands at the finish line, right where you are.

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