Updates On Space Actions Merge Request- GSoC'22 post #15

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Sun Sep 4, 2022 · 172 words · 1 min

I created a merge request to submit my additions for Space Home and Space Creation/ Editing functionality. The merge request can be found here.

This merge request recieved a lot of helpful suggestions by Carl Schwan and Jan Bidler. I tried implementing a lot of them.

There were a couple of UI fixes. Non privileged accounts were restricted from accessing options to edit child rooms of Spaces on UI.

There were some syntax related changes too.

Functionality wise, I will be creating a new list model for the child room editor. It will contain the rooms user is part of as well as rooms that are children of Space. I also have to set up connections to update Space home page whenever changes to Space settings are made.

This is the final post for Google Summer of Code 2022. I will continue to contribute to NeoChat, and to other KDE projects. I will push updates to the open merge request contribute further code or bug fixes.

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