Review and Updates for Merge Request - GSoC'22 post #7

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Thu Jul 14, 2022 · 205 words · 2 min

On July 9th, I created a merge request to submit all the work I did to add Space bar. The first issue was that CI builds failed because CI image has libQuotient 0.6 which doesn't support the Space /hierarchy call. As suggested by Tobias, getting around it was easy, as I could guard relevant code inside #ifdef QUOTIENT_07. This got the CI build passing.

Next there were quite a few code improvements suggested by Tobias and Carl. I'll list down some important changes.

NeoChatRoom::isSpace() no longer uses a handmade json parsing system to determine if a room is Space or not. Instead, it now relies on RoomCreateEvent::roomType() for the same.

Empty string comparisons have been replaced with a .empty() method call.

The code to fetch children of a Space was being reused, so it has now been separated in SortFilterRoomListModel::populateSpaceHierarchy.

There are lot more suggestion I recieved on my merge request. They can be viewed here ->

During this week I also decided that I would work on the Space landing page, but due to sudden family issues, I'm running late on that. I'll make up for it in coming week.

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