Community Bonding GSoC 2022 - post #2

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Fri Jun 10, 2022 · 131 words · 1 min


This is my second post during Google Summer of Code 2022.

GSoC community bonding period ends tomorrow.

During this time, I have tried playing around with LibQuotient by writing simple C++ apps to show details from a user's account. (joined rooms, filtering out spaces etc)

On NeoChat, I tried adding UI element to show user's spaces, which certainly didn't go well. The ListView would not show a scroll bar, no matter what. I faced another setback when I realized the code didn't use setContext to control UI (thats the way I'm accustomed to doing it).

This week, Tobias helped me out with these technical things over a call. I'm trying to implement them.

With the actual coding period starting in 2 days, I hope to show up tangible work.

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