If You Wake Up Beautiful Tomorrow...

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Wed May 17, 2023 · 375 words · 2 min

What if you wake up beautiful tomorrow?

You might not pick up your blush brush. You might not wear your lip gloss. You might not hold up your concealer. You might not...

If only you were beautiful...

If you wake up beautiful tomorrow, you might not spend hours finding new fashionable clothes every month. You might not head to the gym so often. You might stop consulting your dietitian.

If only you were beautiful...

If you stopped using cosmetics, the chemical industry would lose a major chunk of its revenue. The mineral industry could too experience a sudden shock, for some mineral salts and oxides are commonly used in cosmetics. Its also hurting the transportation business, because a lot of materials have actually travelled the world more than you.

If you bought less clothes and cared less about keeping up with the trend, you're gonna be attacking everyone - the people growing natural fibres, the textile industry as a whole, millions of staff who work at outlets and the people leasing out commercial spaces for clothing brands.

What if you didn't go to gym? Gym equipment has to be manufacured and transported. The raw material too is transported to factories before they're fashioned.

You could bring so many industries down to their knees if you were beautiful.

The next time you feel you don't look beautiful, think about all the ways capitalists want you to feel ugly. At present, the masses not feeling beautiful fuels many capitalists' profits.

Advertisments are being meant to make you feel insecure about otherwise natural features about us. You wanna exercise because you like being fit? Go ahead. But don't pick up those barbells if the local gym banner makes you feel like shit for not having toned arms. Working out because of you fear isn't making you strong; its only reinforcing that you're weak.

The industry isn't centered around genuine benefits. Rather, its weaponizing your fears to expolit you.

What if you wake up beautiful tomorrow? You could be more mindful of what you're doing to yourself and how you're unwantingly part of a big capitalist cycle.

I do not discourage people from seeking professional advice in case of visible issues caused by medical conditions.

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