I Come To Claim

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Thu Nov 16, 2023 · 208 words · 2 min

No warrior comes empty handed but my hands are tied today. For I carry not my weapons, but this jar of water from my corner of the world.

People back there used to throw coins in this water.
(Did their wishes come true?)

Some took a sip.
(Did their throats sweeten?)

This water has flown through cities and villages, through time and space, through the space between us. Twenty years, I've been still, yet spilling over on every side. So, I bring to you this jar of water - as sparkling and sweet as ever.

I come to make true the pictures you wish to live through. To be the honey trickling down your throat on dry evenings, to be the warmth under your feet on cold nights.

I come to be your war commander. To shield from fire, to put our victory flags all the way to the east.

I come to be the evenings you settle down in. I come to be the cups you sip your tea from, the sugar cubes you drown and the spoon you swirl.

I come to claim, no more than a hamlet in your heart, nothing less than a lifetime in your heart.