Ethical to Sell Organs for Electronics?

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Fri Aug 13, 2021 · 208 words · 2 min
Tags :  rant

Forget the title. I see kids wasting their hearts, and grown up men wasting their kidneys. So, I don't care...

Anyways, the bigger question is that is it ethical to purchase products from companies that have pending accusations of employing forced slave labour and child labour in their manufacturing units?

Doesn't seem so. Because ironically, products marketed by such companies right now seem to be counted as luxury and premium products. Imagine, the phone you use to compose elaborate food porn for Instagram stories, was assembled by a person who never had enough to eat.

Fortunately, this is not an issue to worry about. The situation won't get any worse. They are already using slave labour. What's next? Indentured labour? I don't see that making a come back anytime soon.

Capitalism has been the buzzword among the upper few. With internet access being more universal, the idea has permeated down below too. Capitalism still heavily realies on addictive consumerism. And for addictive consumerism to sustain mentally, consumers must be kept away from facts that may push them away from purchasing goods.

So we might be just waiting to see more such practices evolve. But as I said, don't worry because indentured labour isn't making a come back.

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